Exchange Service - Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

I have a part dealer number, can you match it?

Do you need my VIN number or mileage?

Do I need to reprogram or recode the module?

How do I know if my module qualifies for a core return?

How do I pay?

What makes Module Repair Pro different than other repair shops?

How long does it take?

I am local, can I pick up the module? And what are your hours?

Do I need to call you when I ship my core out?

Can I get my module by a certain day?

I paid for shipping on the website, are you going send me a shipping label?

Can I get my module shipped by UPS/FedEx?

Do I need to send anything along with my core?

Can I remove or install this myself?

What is the warranty on my module?

I installed my module but I still have the same problem!

I don't want a new module, I want my original one repaired